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Straight Techno with melodic sounds and thumping basses – that’s Effektkind! Even at an early age, he was influenced by electronic sounds that made him more involved in the subject of Techno. In 2012 he started his first attempts at mixing tracks. He quickly got the hang of recording a varied driving set. In 2015 he decided to buy his own equipment. This was the signal for him to get started. In 2016 he won a newcomer contest and got his first gig in the club. On „P-kays Birthday Bash“, organized by „Shining Events“ at the Rixxclub in Rastatt, he really got the crowd going for the afterhour.
His name finding was rather coincidental. He likes to remember the afterhour, where they laughed and played together. His friends always called his sets very effect heavy, and he always answered, „Well, what should I do? I’m just the Effektkind!“

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