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Vincent Noxx Records releases an extraordinary EP: „Nightingales“. Embark with Vincent Noxx feat. Virginie on a rhythmic epic travel, accompanied by an overtone-rich organ, real percussion in the interplay with warm analog MOOG percussion to real birds, which you encounter on the journey through the soundscape. New on board, Effektkind & Akuaryo will exclusively release two special techno-remixes of the Hard Gang Fire for fans of hard techno. Kinko is back on board and new on board: Floyd L. Presidente Nixon. Floyd & Kinko exclusively provide two particularly idiosyncratic Housy remixes by Nightingales. An overall outstanding, unparalleled release that will make fans with ears for modern dance music freak out.
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  1. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Akuaryo Remix)
  2. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Effektkind Remix)
  3. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Kinko Remix)
  4. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Real Version)
  5. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Elec Tech Version)
  6. Vincent Noxx – Nightingales (Floyd L. Presidente Nixon Remix)

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